“GMP and Clinical readiness”

Total Quality Anytime Anywhere

Quality by design

Quality by stand-alone closed systems manufacturing

International regulatory harmonization

Clinical & Pre-Clinical project management

“GMP and Clinical readiness”

Focus on Business Science Driven at a fraction of the costs

Optimal allocation of resources

Flexible and scalable manufacturing strategy

International business footprint (US/UE)

Time to market Acceleration

You are a company specialized in Targeted Medicine and you want to:

Perform your (pre)clinical trials with optimal allocation of resources (staff, infrastructure and money)

Upgrade your laboratory manufacturing process to meet total quality

Outsource your production today while being able to insource without going for additional investments and a second qualification process later

Secure and scale-up your manufacturing process

Setup an international footprint and be present in Europe and the US while meeting highest standards without investing in expensive facilities

Be ready for your success and get access to BIOTURNKEY now!

Back to the root...

BIOTURNKEY ambition is to help our customers being right from the start and anticipating tremendous success. BIOTURNKEY’s vision is to help targeted medicine companies to get faster to the market at a fraction of the cost.


BIOTURNKEY has developed the BIOPTIMIZER® enabling our customers to manufacture in “Total Quality anytime anywhere”.

BIOPTIMIZER® is a unique combination of pre-approved closed systems and manufacturing capabilities dedicated to and designed for targeted medicine companies.

It is based on a series of inter-connectable blocks to be built around your process and hundreds of pre-written/standard SoP's.

It offers you unique, full flexibility at your choice

Quality by Design: We analyze your process and translate it into an optimal closed system

International Harmonized Pre-Qualification: We provide you pre-approved manufacturing capability

Quality by Manufacturing: we manufacture your targeted medicine with our qualified team and partners; what if you want to change your mind later? Not a problem! It is as simple as moving the closed system back to your facilities and training your staff to meet highest regulatory and safety requirements. Insourcing and Outsourcing at your fingertips!

Quality by Maintainability : we grant you access to our experts to optimize your process and build your closed system around it

A more than competitive asset

Our BIOPTIMIZER® solution definitely enables faster qualification and manufacturing capabilities at a fraction of the costs while meeting highest regulatory and safety requirements. It enables you to lower your CoGS and ultimately release new standards of care.

BIOTURNKEY also aims at lowering the acquisition barrier by offering innovative and disruptive financing options.

BIOTURNKEY, through its collaborating partners, offers access to venture capital and other funding sources.

BIOTURNKEY offers you the unique opportunity to be “cGMP anytime anywhere at a fraction of the costs”.

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